Trokar Swimbait Jig Head Review

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Soft bodied swimbaits have become a regular staple in bass fishing and I find myself throwing them all 12 months of the year. So I’m constantly playing with jigheads and hooks to find good combinations I like as new heads and swimbait tails are released. I’ve been throwing the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head a lot this winter and found it to be a good mix of a stout hook with a head with the right angle and size for good hooks and action in deep water.

Keeper system borrowed from flipping hook

Using a similar bait keeper system as most of today’s straight shank flipping hooks, the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head features a stout hook with molded plastic double bar keeper system to keep your swimbaits in place. I tried a few different swimbaits on this swimbait head. With hollow bellies like the Zoom Swimmer, the hook holds the tail decently well but as one would guess it will start to slide off the head after a few fish. However, with more solid soft bodied swimbait tails like the Strike King Rage Swimmer, it holds the swimbait amazingly well. Like the tail will literally shred up before it starts to come off the head. That is where the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head really shined for fishing swimbaits on jigheads.

Rounded upward facing heads in multiple size and color options

The offer the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head in several colors and sizes from 1/16 ounce all the way up to 3/4 ounce. I fished the black and unpainted heads in 3/8 to 3/4 ounce for most of my testing. Although I know several applications where I will throw a 1/4 ounce head with smaller 3 and 4 inch swimbaits later this year. But most of my swimbait fishing has been really deep this winter and now just in the last few weeks have I started catching some quality keepers up in water 10-foot or less deep. 

Super sharp hook makes for good hooksets in deep water

The upward angle of the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head and the Trokar signature cutting point make for a really good hooking combination. I caught a few bass as deep as 35-feet on this head this winter and had no problem driving the hook, even on a less than aggressive bite in such deep water. You can’t quite reel set the fish, but as I close as I’ve seen with a larger swimbait head, especially one with such a meaty hook. 

Holds solid bodied soft swimbaits really well

The heads are streamlined and look good on the front of a swimbait, especially the smaller Trokar Swimbait Jig Heads. It’s a really good option for the rounder solid soft bodied swimbaits and they really stay snug up to the jighead. 

It’s been a good head for throwing swimbaits both deep and shallow this early spring

I tried them with some more flat-sided swimbait tails and caught some decent fish on it. But I think it really shines with the rounder swimbait tails. You can find the Trokar Swimbait Jig Head at and other retailers carrying Trokar fishing tackle for $5.99 a pack.