SuperStick Push Pole Review

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Today’s anglers have more tools at their disposal than ever before. Some are obvious, such as better boats, engines, trolling motors and, of course, electronics. But many of us forget one of the most essential tools a shallow-water angler can have: A good push pole. 

Warmer weather is coming and whether you’re quietly stalking spawning flats for big females or wiggling your way into a skinny creek to find cooler water in the summer, push poles can work wonders and help you get into areas most anglers can’t.

I have made push poles from staircase dowel rods. I’ve made a retractable/telescopic one out of a swimming pool pole with an added duck foot. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the SuperStick extendable fiberglass push pole. I can easily say that it’s the best I’ve used. 

Here’s why I say that.

The SuperStick is really tough. It’s made from a composite polyester/fiberglass that’s darn near impossible to break. It doesn’t matter if or how it gets wedged or how much pressure you put on it. It holds up excellently to the rigors of shallow-water bass fishing. 

Even though it’s so durable, it only weighs 3 1/4-pounds and it’s telescopic. This makes it easy to transport and store in your boat, even when storage space is limited.


I’ve also found it to be quite versatile. Not only is it great for poling yourself through shallow water in a stealthy manner, but it’s also exceptional for docking your boat, holding your boat in position or—with the paddle accessory—can serve as a way to move your boat. 

As an old river rat, I have run into and out of places where the water completely disappears behind the boat when on plane due the shallow nature. I have pushed and pulled my boat through logjams, mudflats and winding creek bends just to find a couple feet of water or a hidden pond. You cannot get in to or out of those hard to reach places without a good push pole. 


We all want to catch more fish and having the right gear aids us in that effort. Sometimes we miss some of the most obvious items.

The SuperStick Push Pole is available at

Here are more of the technical specs: 

  • Telescopic Fiberglass between 6 to 12 feet or 9 to17 feet
  • Non-slip textured outer pole with permanent spike tip with cushioned cover. 
  • Easy to store
  • Numerous accessories including duck foot, paddle, gig, landing net and boat brush
  • Positive-locking system