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SuperClean Foaming Degreaser

The sport of bass fishing isn’t cheap. All of the gear costs a lot of money, so it’s important to take good care of it to make it last. It’s difficult to find an all-purpose cleaner that works on all types of fishing equipment including rods, reel handles and even boat accessories.  A lot of the cleaners claim to be the best, but finding the most effective ones takes a lot of time.

I recently ran across a boat care product called SuperClean Foaming Degreaser that not only cleans your boat and its accessories, but your fishing gear as well.

Boat applications

Keeping a clean boat is a big deal to me. It’s hard for me to keep a clear head if my boat’s dirty, so I go to great lengths to keep it looking like new. SuperClean Foaming Degreaser works excellently on both interior and exterior messes.

It always amazes me how dirty the inside of my boat can get after a weekend of fishing. When Sunday evening rolls around, I’ll have mud, fish slime, blood and weed grime littering my carpets. After using a small amount of SuperClean in conjunction with a nylon-bristle brush, however, I can’t even tell the mess was there. There’s no sign of any color fading whatsoever and it actually seems to revitalize the carpet and fluff it up. This is one of the best ways I’ve found to keep my boat carpet looking brand new.

I’ve realized that a lot of anglers tend to forget about their boats’ back battery compartments. After years of operation, small oil spills and muddy water bilging, these compartments can turn into an absolute train wreck. Sure, it looks bad, but the grime buildup can result in clogged pumps and premature deterioration hose and cable deterioration. I took a few hours to treat my back battery compartment with SuperClean and was absolutely amazed by how well it worked. After using just a small amount on my hoses, oil reservoir and fuel tank, it looks immaculate.

This product has also worked very well on mud lines on the side of my boat. You don’t have to rub on it until your shoulder hurts, either. Just spray a little bit on the line, let it sit for a few seconds and wipe it away. It doesn’t matter how dirty or nasty your fishery is””this stuff will knock it off without question.

I also discovered an awesome tip that will make your cleaning process much easier. Spray some SuperClean Foaming Degreaser in the drain of your boat, add a little water with the plug still inserted and drive around the block or take a quick trip to the tackle store. When you get back to the house, remove the plug and rinse it out””you will not believe the gunk that comes out from the bottom of your boat. It’s also biodegradable so it won’t hurt the environment.

Fishing gear applications

If you like to use cork rod handles, you’re probably aware of how disgusting they can get over time. They’ll leave black residue on your shirts, hands and sometimes even your boat carpet. I have a lot of cork-handled rods that I absolutely love, so I put SuperClean to the test on them. The results were amazing.

I sprayed about a quarter-sized amount on an old rag, rubbed vigorously for a few seconds and the cork looked incredible. It dried very quickly and the handles have seemed to repel dirt and grime very well since I cleaned them.

I’ve also been using SuperClean Foaming Degreaser on my EVA foam handles with equally impressive results. It seems to open the pores of the foam, which has resulted in a much improved grip in wet, adverse weather conditions.

This cleaner has also proved very valuable when cleaning rod blanks as well. Whenever you have a bunch of dirt buildup on your roads and line guides, you’re unable to detect small nicks and scuffs that can eventually lead to rod failure and line fraying. I’ve been spraying SuperClean on a small rag and wiping down all of my blanks and guides to help me inspect them for the upcoming fishing season. It’s pretty amazing how many problem spots I’ve been able to see after doing this.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your fishing boat and equipment clean this year, I definitely recommend checking out SuperClean Foaming Degreaser. A 22-ounce bottle only costs $4.95, so it’s an inexpensive way to protect and maintain your investments.

You can purchase SuperClean Foaming Degreaser by clicking here or by visiting your local automotive stores or major retailers.