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Sunline Rod Bands

I recently researched ways that anglers effectively stored rods and kept up with how different rods were rigged. I also looked at what the most cumbersome tackle was to store on a rod in a rod locker. Without a doubt it had to be umbrella rigs and drop shots. Extra hooks, long wires, and weights on the ends of fishing line make for a tangled mess. I found, however, a product, the Sunline Rod Band that might serve multiple functions in rod storage and organization.

The Sunline Rod Bands solve several problems with organizing and storing multiple fishing poles and reels and keeping them from tangling with each other, including the following:

  • Quick Identification
  • Managing lures and rigs on rods

Fishing time should not be wasted figuring out what you should already know when you put your rods in the locker or untangling a mess. So I’m always looking for tackle add-ons that make managing tackle easier and quicker.

Identify Your Fishing Rods

The rod bands come with the pound test or type of line labeled on them. I tested the 8, 10, 12, 14 and 20-pound-test bands as well as an FC Sniper band. These bands made it easy to grab a rod out of the locker and know what line was on it when I was tying on baits or changing up my approach to a fishing day and moving baits around on rods.   I find that when I have a lot of rods in the boat I forget what line is on which reel. You don’t want to tie a topwater lure on a rod and reel with a fluorocarbon line because you couldn’t remember what was on that rod.


Managing Lures on Fishing Poles

The bands also proved useful as a tackle keeper on the rod. Whether it was castable umbrella rigs or the weight on a drop shot, I was able to slide them under the rod band and hold my lures in place. I was careful not to put hook points or barbs into the bands as I suspect that will tear them. But the bands themselves are very durable, will last longer than stickers and can be the answer for guys who always fight with drop shots hanging in other rods in a locker.

The rod bands are a durable, clinging rubber that come four to a pack for $3.50. That’s pretty sensible considering their application and how many rods guys might have. Pick up several packs in different pound tests and you’ll be set. has just the Sniper bands now but will hopefully have more models soon. You can find them at other retailers already and more information about the bands at