Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig Review

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Although the fishing has been pretty tough in my area this summer, a swim jig has continued to produce some really good bites for my buddies and me. Whether we’re working them through shoreline grass, underneath docks or around laydowns, they’ve led to some nice reaction strikes over the past few months.

I’ve been using the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig almost exclusively this summer. For whatever reason, I got away from swim jigs for a year or two and this particular swim jig has reminded me of how effective the technique really is. Not only does it catch a bunch of bass, but it’s also very reasonably priced. I’ll quickly run through what makes this swim jig such a great options for bass anglers of all skill levels.

Tough components for the thick stuff

You’ll notice that a lot of swim jigs on the market are fairly dainty. They have super light weed guards and light-wire hooks designed primarily for using around sparse cover. They work in some situations, but if you get a bite in dense cover, the chances of you landing that fish are pretty low. 

This swim jig, however, is a beast. It has a heavier weed guard than any other I’ve tried and the hook is unbelievably strong. It’s actually called a Gamakatsu Siwash hook and it was designed exclusively for Strike King. It has a lot of bite to it and even on 65-pound braided line, you don’t have to worry about bending the hook whatsoever. It’s super heavy duty and razor sharp. 

It’s honestly the reason I keep coming back to this particular swim jig. I’ve enjoyed an astronomical hookup ratio due to this hook and thanks to the weed guard, I hardly ever get snagged in heavy cover.

Perfect head shape

I’ve used several swim jigs over the years that simply don’t swim correctly. If you reel them too quickly, they’ll turn on their sides and swim like a wounded duck. Not only does that waste an angler’s time, but it also wastes money. 

The Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig, however, runs perfectly every single time. You can take it straight from the package and expect it to swim straight. I believe the head shape is the main reason for this. Not only does the head shape allow it to track true, but it also skips really nicely underneath cover. Without a second thought, you can easily get this jig under boat docks and overhangs without issue. 

Excellent color selection

No matter where you live, you’ll find the perfect color for your area in the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig lineup. I suggest anything white or green. I know that might sound super simple, but in my area, I’m either trying to imitate a baitfish or a bluegill. I know a lot of folks overcomplicate color selection, but I tend to keep things simple. 

Speaking of colors, I really like the skirts on these swim jigs. They’re not those cheap, flimsy skirts that fall apart after a few days of use. These skirts have a plastic collar that keep all of the strands in place even after weeks of skipping and fish catches. 

Very effective keeper

Sealock and I were talking about swim jigs the other day and we both agreed that the trailer keeper may be the most important thing about a swim jig. When you’re fishing a swim jig the “correct” way, you put it through a bunch of abuse and it’s very frustrating if your trailer keeps sliding down the shank of the hook. 

This keeper is legit, though. Bend it outwards as you thread your trailer onto the hook and once it’s sitting the way you like it, bend it back and pierce the trailer with it. This keeps your soft-plastic exactly where it needs to be, even after a fish catch. You’ll be able to cover a bunch of water quickly without constantly messing with your trailer.

Final impressions

For just $4.59, it’s awfully tough to beat this swim jig. It’s been a staple in our boats for years and there’s a good reason for that – it catches a pile of fish, it holds up well to abuse and it’s affordable. If you want an easy way to catch a bunch of shallow-water bass, look no further.

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