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Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig Review

Greg Hackney knows a thing or two about flipping and pitching jigs while bass fishing in heavy cover. He’s made a long successful career of it. And he’s real specific about his tools.

His original Hack Attack Flipping Jig was designed to be fished on braid with a big heavy-gauge saltwater hook in it. But he wanted something a little more compact for fishing with fluorocarbon for fishing cover like flooded bushes, docks, and even grass when braid was overkill.

The Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig is a specific bass fishing jig for better flipping on fluorocarbon line that gets the job done in the gnarliest cover.

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Head Design Key to Success

The head design and the hook mark the two major aspects of Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig. This jighead featured a recessed line tie with a slightly swelled head and an upward sloping nose to help it come over and through cover. This head design works well in grass, wood and flipping hardcover like docks. 

Sticks them in the roof of the mouth

The fish I’ve been catching have been pinned in the snout or roof of the mouth. And a bunch of fish have required pliers to get the hook loose. I read some reviews that said folks were having hooking issues with this jig. I have to believe that is because they are trying to use a flipping jig on conventional casting gear. Like I said, the Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig is a specific jig designed for flipping heavy cover with heavy fluorocarbon setups.

Stout hook and spiral trailer keeper

The hook is compact and a smaller diameter than the original Hack Attack jig that was designed for braid. But this hook comes with a screw lock keeper that holds your trailer tight on the jig for pitch and skipping into narrow openings in the cover.

Keep in mind that the Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig is not for casting on light line and medium or medium heavy action rods. It’s made for flipping. It has a stout hook with a sturdy weed guard. You have to hit them hard with a flipping stick. It’s intended to give you a good bite with fluorocarbon in close quarters. So if you’re not going to flip and pitch with this jig on heavy tackle, then another Strike King jig might be a better option for you.

finesse flared skirt

The skirt is thin and flared. This again is by design. Not wanting a lot of bulk, this jig is designed to get in and out of cover easily. Which has definitely been the case for me. I’ve been flipping it exclusively this spring fishing flooded bushes, trees and other cover. I have used two jigs the last two weeks and still have them tied on. So easy to get them in and out and I’m something like 7 for 7 on the 1/2-ounce black and blue Fluoro Flipping Jig for bites and landing fish. 

Great profile for flipping

I think the Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig has an awesome head, compact profile and look in the water. I’ve played with a variety of trailers on it and you can bulk the jig up with a beefier trailer. Here I have trimmed down a Magnum Rage Bug because I want the big flappers but I cut the sides down to keep the middle narrow to keep my hook up good. It makes for a heck of a lot of action in dense jungle of flooded bushes.

A producer in flooded bushes

I’ve had a fun couple of weeks flipping newly flooded bushes and trees with the Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig. I’ve mostly been using it on a 7-foot, 4-inch Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Pitching Stick with 20-pound Seaguar AbrazX fluorocarbon line.

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