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Poor Boys Flogger

The secret is out. If you were watching the new fishing shows this past weekend and tuned into Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, you saw Mark Zona and Byron Velvick using a strange device to look at bedding smallmouth. That device is the Poor Boys Flogger.

The Flogger is  a odd looking conical  tool used to see clearly under the water, and it’s much more than just for bedding fish. You can look at all kinds of structure too. It’s almost like fishing out of a glass-bottom boat. Just hold the handle, put the large end in the water and look through the viewfinder. It’s that simple.

The Poor Boys Flogger is great  to find bedding  fish or even to see  schools of fish swimming around your favorite  stump, and your partner can even watch them take the bait in some  deep  clear water conditions.

Northern Great Lakes  anglers have been using it for years with the same success.

Chad Pipkens, noted Northern professional anger  and Ryan Said, Elite Series pro, were some of the first to use it several years ago, and they swear by them. To take a look or buy one, visit