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Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

If you’re like me you face an age old dilemma in fishing. You have a lot of tackle, and you can’t take it all with you on every fishing trip. So you need some sort of a flexible storage system. I have a myriad of ways I store tackle. I have bulk bins in my workshop, I have several various boxes and bags in my boat, I have shelves of tackle boxes in the garage. But I often find myself having to grab and go from season to season and fishing trip to fishing trip, especially when I’m fishing out of someone else’s boat.

Plano recently sent us the Plano Edge Flex Series 3700 box to review. It has quickly become a go-to box for me on my travels as well as being a solid answer for a seasonal tackle box.

By seasonal box, I’m referring to the fact that I take a lot of stuff out of my boat from season to season but I like to keep a few of certain baits I know are my hot tickets during that certain window. So right now I might take a bunch of soft plastics and deep divers and topwater out of my boat. But I will still want to keep a few topwater in there just in case, a swimbait or two and then some lipless, coldwater cranks. I like the new Edge FLEX box to hold a lot of different things in one box that cover a lot of box for the season and transition time right now.

As it gets to winter I will be in my swimbait box, my blade bait box, my spoon box, my jerkbait box and my jig box a lot. But I will keep that FLEX box full of a hodge podge of key lure types in there in case I run across scenarios that make sense. Like warm run-in that has dirty water I might pick up a crankbait for a while. But it’s probably not my go-to at the time. So having a flexible box that covers a ton of bases off my normal winter patterns makes sense.

The Plano Edge FLEX Series comes in 3600 and 3700 options. Each box comes with a pack of dividers of various sizes so you can make any myriad of symmetrical storage options or a hybrid of large and small compartments to fit baits of literally any size. I will show you some of my favorite options I’ve played with so far.

Because you have so many options with the FLEX Series, I’m calling this the best box for fishing trips. When I hop in someone else’s boat for a day of fishing or shooting content, it’s a pain to try to pack a ton of boxes in a big bulky bag that ends up being in the way in the boat when we’re fishing and shooting. So I’ve been taking one or two boxes with a lot of options this year on my travels and this box has become one of my favorite ways to travel like that.

I can throw in long topwaters, big swimbaits, small crankbaits, midsized topwater, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and all sorts of odd shaped lures neatly into one box varying each compartment to fit what I want to carry. It’s a slick way to create a day box for fishing whether you’re fishing on your own or with someone else.

This is a solid box with strong hinges, watertight seals, a heavy duty locking front Edge, and a gin clear lid so you can easily identify what you might want to tie on without even opening up the box. Trust me that’s pretty handy when it’s raining and I just want to grab a lure out quickly without opening it and getting the inside of the box soaking wet.

The Plano Edge FLEX Series is available now and you can find them online at these retailers:

See a bunch more configurations below with this flexible tackle box solution.

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Make the Perfect Travel Tackle Box

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Solid Tackle Box

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Unlimited configurations with divider pack

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Heavy Duty Hinge, Ultra Clear Lid, Sealed and Locked

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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24 Individual Compartment Configuration

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Perfect for holding shallow crankbaits and lipless cranks

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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You can organize by color, brand or action

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Make the Perfect Worm Tray

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Bulk Store Big Worms, Senkos and other Plastics

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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Experiment with multiple sized baits with a hybrid configuration

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review

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The options are endless with the FLEX Series

Plano Edge FLEX Tackle Box Review