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Piscifun Alloy M Casting Reel Review


If you’ve read many of my reviews, you’re probably aware that I am not necessarily a gear snob. I have high performance standards for all of the fishing gear I test and review but I have equally high standards when it comes to affordability for the common working man. I remember the days when I’d show up to big regional tournaments with two cheap spinning rods because they were all I could afford. Fishing doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive and over the years, I’ve learned about some less expensive alternatives that offer plenty of performance without emptying your bank account.

I’ve been able to test the Piscifun Alloy M casting reel for the past few months and I’ll admit; I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’ve tested quite a few baitcasters in this price range (let’s call it between $75 and $100) and I haven’t had the best experience thus far. Regardless, I rigged it up with some 15-pound fluorocarbon and made a concerted effort to keep an open mind.

To get straight to the point, this reel is going to surprise people because it definitely surprised me. I’ve put it through a lot and it feels like a $150+ reel in your hands. As you read through my review, try your best to keep the $90 price point out of your head.