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Netbait Paca Punch

There’s nothing that feels better than a big “thump” on the other end your line when you’re flipping and pitching. Likewise, there’s nothing more frustrating than having some wimpy flipping bait that won’t skip under a dock or hold up to fish catches. Irritating is a vast understatement.

I’ve had an outstanding experience with the Netbait Paca Punch over the past two weeks. I’ve Texas rigged it a lot for flipping and pitching, but truth be told—it’s one of the best jig trailers I’ve ever used. It even played a role in my 20-pound bag I caught to win a big tournament this past weekend.

Skips like a pebble


The Netbait Paca Punch has an extremely streamlined profile that skips like a river rock across the water. Whether you Texas rig it or use it as a jig trailer, it can make a mediocre flipper and pitcher look like an expert.

When you’re skipping soft plastics or jigs under docks, overhangs or bushes, the worst thing you can do is slam your weight into the cover—it’s a surefire way to scare the living daylights out of nearby bass. This is a common occurrence with many soft plastics because they “grab” too much upon initial contact with the water.

This isn’t the case whatsoever with the Paca Punch. Its oval-shaped body glides across the surface with ridiculous ease, allowing you to get your bait into the darkest, thickest part of the cover. My home lake’s water fluctuates a lot and even when the water is super high leaving you with an inch-tall opening under a dock, I can skip the Paca Punch wherever I need it to go. Most baits can’t do that, which allows me to reach totally unmolested fish that other anglers aren’t able to reach.

Extremely durable


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to compromise durability to achieve an erratic action with your soft plastic baits. The Paca Punch holds up very well to continuous skipping and fish catches throughout the entire day.

This past weekend I caught several big bass that helped me win the biggest team trail event in the state. I fished the tournament by myself and most of my big fish came on some variation of this bait. Believe it or not, I used the same exact Paca Punch for the entire tournament. Not once did I have to re-rig or readjust it. At the end of the day, the body and both pinchers were totally intact—I could probably fish another tournament with the same bait. I’m beyond impressed by its durability.

Great action


The pinchers of the Paca Punch remain elevated in the water column when the bait is at rest which perfectly emulates a threatened crawfish. As the bait falls to the bottom, these pinchers kick back and forth wildly which has proven very effective in dirty water situations. It moves a bunch of water and helps bass locate it.

I’ve caught a lot of big bass while swimming the Paca Punch as well. A lot of anglers don’t consider a craw-style soft plastic trailer when swimming a jig through thick vegetation, but I’m telling you—this bait is an incredible option for it. Regardless of your retrieve speed, the pinchers kick like crazy to draw some great strikes from nearby bass.

Color consistency

The Paca Punch is available in 21 awesome colors on Tackle Warehouse. I own about five different colors and each bait looks identical to the rest in the bag. There are no color inconsistencies whatsoever, making it easy to quickly re-rig and get back to fishing. You don’t have to worry about inspecting each bait you grab—Netbait goes to great lengths to ensure a consistent color pattern on each individual bait.

If you like to pitch and flip for bass, you need to get your hands on these baits. I’ve been a shallow power fisherman for a long time and I guarantee you I’ll have a Paca Punch within close reach until the bass move deep for the summer. I’m seriously impressed by ’em.

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