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Mustad Storage Wallet Review

I’ve changed my fishing tackle storage methods over the years a lot, but recently I came full circle, opting to put all my spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and Chatterbaits into the new version of the Mustad Storage Wallet. When I was younger I stored all my spinnerbaits, worms and pretty much everything that didn’t have a treble hook in these type zip-up binders. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different options, and as we do much of the time, I opted to go back to the new and improved version of my original method from 30 years ago.

The Mustad Storage Wallet gives the binder storage bag a much needed upgrade. Instead of the mesh or nylon bags that were not only not waterproof but would actually soak up water, the Mustad Storage Wallet is made of a more durable water resistant material with heavy duty waterproof zippers that will keep the water off and out of your bait storage. While it’s probably not 100% waterproof. I think it would keep your stuff dry in a pretty good rainstorm.

The bag holds a pile of baits. I have more than 60 spinnerbaits on one side and at least 20 buzzbaits and Chatterbaits on the other side. The bag features pockets on both sides of each compartment. There are thin zipper pockets on the inside to hold hooks, blades, extra skirts and things like that while the bigger mesh pockets on the outside flap will hold multiple packages of trailers.

Then it all zips up in a neat small package that maintains its form to keep your baits, hooks and blades from mashing through the zippered bags inside. The bags zip closed and stay closed and are held in the wallet by plastic binder rings that open and close easily an are flexible to keep from tearing the bags loose from jostling around in a boat or a truck.

It has two heavy duty handles that make it easy to tote in and out of the vehicle, boat or shop.

Single Storage Wallet and Double Storage Wallet

Mustad offers a Single Storage Wallet and Double Storage Wallet. I opted for the double storage wallet to see how much I could cram in one bag as well as keep all my skirted baits within quick reach. It’s pretty impressive how much it can hold. It will hold more than 100 skirted baits easily plus a lot of accessories and plastics.

The Mustad Storage Wallets would work well for packages of hooks, weights and other terminal tackle as well as bagged plastics. You can flip through it easily like a rolodex and find the bait you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

You can find the Mustad Storage Wallet here at as well as retailers that carry Mustad bags.

Check out more photos of this handy storage option from Mustad above.

Heavy duty waterproof zippers and durable water resistant bag material

A ton of zippered pouches on either side of the Double Wallet

I store spinnerbaits by size, color, brand, etc.

I also store buzzbaits in the Mustad Wallet

And my Jack Hammers and Chatterbaits

Flexible binder rings keep everything together and make it where you can remove one bag or a few

Zippered pockets make it nice for storing extra blades, skirts and trailer hooks

Mesh pockets hold bagged trailers nicely

All your skirted moving baits and their trailers and accessories in one nice bag with the Mustad Storage Wallet