Mags Lure Co. Jigs Featuring Pewter Heads

Not long ago we ran across a company called Mags Lure Company that specializes in environmentally friendly fishing lures. They make jigs and jigheads and their jigheads are made from pewter.

Each head is hand made and utilizes super-strong Mustad hooks. The process of pouring pewter increases pliability but also increases durability, too. The paint jobs include a dual-process powdercoat finish, and each head is baked to minimize chipping. They look slick and smooth and have a high standard of finish. They also combine their unique pewter heads with a round silicone-strand skirt that expands and contracts for a lifelike action in the water. Each weedguard is individually epoxied in place at the proper angle and a 3D eye is added. They are available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-ounce models. 

We really like companies that think about the environment and give them a thumbs up for building a unique mousetrap that doesn’t scrimp on quality and materials.

You can buy them here at Tackle Warehouse.

You can also check them out at

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