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Lucky Craft SKT Spinnerbait Review

There are so many variations on the market for all the various classes of lures for bass fishing. Spinnerbaits are no exception. So I was pleasantly surprised by the new Lucky Craft SKT Spinnerbait in terms of a new spinnerbait with great features and an attractive price.

Here are a few of the things of which anglers will want to take note when it comes to this new spinnerbait:

  • Unique head design
  • Interesting keeper
  • Good looking package
  • New Lower Pricing

Unique head

Most common anglers won’t know this, but the head of spinnerbait often dictates what it can and can’t do in the water, specifically what it can and can’t do around cover. A bullet head is a great open-water and grass spinnerbait, but it’s not so conducive to fishing around cover like wood. For harder rock and wood cover, anglers desire a head with slope on the nose that when contact is made it forces the bait up and over the cover.

The new Lucky Craft SKT spinnerbait features that type of design. With a flat, ramped style head, the Lucky Craft SKT spinnerbait came over and through wood cover like laydowns, stumps and stake beds with ease. And I was able to land a bunch of really nice bass after bumping and clearing the cover on several occasions.

The head and body seem to be very durable. I’ve used mine a lot with minimal noticeable abrasions.


Good keeper

Some folks don’t use a trailer on their spinnerbaits and won’t really care what keeper a spinnerbait has. But I’ve been impressed with how well the SKT spinnerbait keeper works. It’s nothing more than angled wire that you can poke into the plastic and hold it in place.

This is especially effective when you are making repeated roll casts and whip casts tight to cover. When you’re having to be overly precise with your casts, the last thing you want is downtime while you mess with your trailer constantly.

I found the best results by pushing the plastic onto the shank and over the keeper and then pressing hard onto the wire keeper to get it to “lock†the plastic in place.

A total package

The Lucky Craft SKT Spinnerbait looks great and fishes great. I’ve fished both the 1/2 and 3/4-ounce models with good success. I did notice that the blades dulled on one of the baits I had but I think that might be because I got my baits at a trade show and they were not production models, merely just for show. But no matter. They caught fish.

They come in both double willow and willow Colorado combinations but right now they only come in a handful of staple, proven colors like bluegill, shad, chartreuse shad, ghost minnow and white.

The hooks are very good and stayed sharp through multiple fish catches.


Price drops

Maybe the best news of all is that the SKT spinnerbaits start at $6.99 at retailers like The price drop comes at the request of Skeet Reese who has prided himself in trying to build the best fishing tackle he can with various companies at prices that more anglers can afford. And he uses those same products to compete at the highest levels of professional bass fishing with great success.

We’ve always thought innovation should be driven by striving to offer more for less. So it’s refreshing to see price drops of $8-$9 on these spinnerbaits for the consumer.

Overall I found this to be a great spinnerbait and I would certainly buy more in the future to fish with both around shallow cover and out deep for schools of bass.

Click this link to to see more about the spinnerbaits or check them out at your local retailers that carry Lucky Craft products.