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Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Stick Casting Rod Review

Lew’s has been making some serious noise in the fishing rod market in recent years and we’ve really enjoyed watching them evolve. With this rod, however, they decided to put all their cards on the table and create a flagship model showing the fishing world what they’re really capable of. The Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick Casting Rod is their highest-end rod and from what I’ve seen, they’re giving their competitors a run for their money. I tested it all summer and wanted to share my experiences with you.

I’m loving these grips

Although I might not be crazy about the purple color scheme, the Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Stick Casting Rod features some really awesome grips that I think anglers will love. They’re premium Winn Dri Tac split grips and they’ll give you a rock-solid grip on this rod, regardless of the conditions. 

I’ve fished with this rod in the rain and immediately after culling fish with absolutely no problems. There’s no need to keep constantly wiping your hands off. These grips retain their stickiness even when your hands are covered in fish slime. 

The guides are very durable

I break guides more than anything else on fishing rods. I’m constantly pulling my rods in and out of my rod lockers and moving them around my shop, which has caused a good many broken guides in the past. I’m happy to say, however, that these guides seem to be quite durable. They’re tangle-free titanium frames with Zirconium inserts, so in addition to being able to handle regular abuse, you also won’t be dealing with obnoxious tangles, regardless of what line type you prefer. 

Direct contact with the blank

This is one of the more sensitive rods you’re going to find on the market. In addition to the exclusive LFS-X5 graphite blanks, I also think the reel seat design is a big reason for the sensitivity. Throughout your entire retrieve, your hand will be in direct contact with the blank. This allows you to detect very subtle bites while also transmitting very small changes in your lure’s action such as deflections or collisions with isolated cover. 

As I mentioned, I tested this rod throughout the summer when the water temperatures were flirting with the 100-degree mark. The large majority of my bites were nearly impossible to feel, but this particular rod made quick work of detecting those faint bites. 

All-day comfort

It’s hard to articulate at times, but some rods just feel “right” in your hands. Every friend or guide client who has put this rod in their hands has agreed that it’s one of the most comfortable rods they’ve ever held. I think when you take the unique grips, the lightweight blank, the excellent balance of this rod and add it all together, you have something very special.

Final impressions

If you can save the extra coin to spend $249.99 on a rod, I’d certainly recommend splurging on this model. Lew’s didn’t pull any punches with this rod; they laid it all out there for everyone to see. In my opinion, they definitely didn’t disappoint. 

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