Lew’s KVD IM8 Spinning Rod Review

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We’re getting into that time of year where spinning rods are going to become a lot more important for bass anglers. I’d much rather be throwing a frog or skipping docks but when these big cold fronts come along, downsizing can often be the best way to keep catching bass. My issue, however, has often been the cost of some of the high-quality spinning rods. I don’t really fish with them enough to drop $300 on one so I’ve always tried to find quality rods around the $150 mark. It has been challenging at times but I have found this year I’d gladly recommend to someone in a similar situation.

I’ve been testing the Lew’s KVD IM8 Spinning Rods for the past several months and they have proven to provide really good performance at an outstanding price. They do everything you need a spinning rod to do and you’ll only be out $109.99 for one of ’em. Let’s talk about what I’ve enjoyed about this well priced spinning rod.


Very well balanced and sensitive

While this isn’t going to be the lightest spinning rod on the market, I have to give it credit for being a very well-balanced rod. Whether you’re skipping a shaky head underneath boat docks all day or fishing a wacky rig around secondary cover, you’re not going to experience any hand fatigue when using the Lew’s KVD IM8 Spinning Rod. It’s not tip-heavy and it’s not butt-heavy either, which makes it a dream to use for those long fishing trips.

In regards to its sensitivity, I’ve really been impressed especially given its affordable price point. I’m able to feel those super subtle, post-frontal bites without any issues and it has been pretty cool to feel the changes in rock size when I’m fishing riprap and other rock piles around seawalls. Something else I’ve been using the 6-foot, 10-inch medium-action model for has been for fishing small crankbaits around the edges of boat docks. This particular model loads really nicely and gives me a great feel for tight-wiggling finesse crankbait. I can feel the bite very easily and when I lean into the fish, the rod doesn’t rip the treble hooks out of the fish.



Lots of practical models available

I’ve written about this before but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Sometimes I think rod manufacturers get a little too cute when it comes to their various model options. Some of the LPAs (length, power and action) don’t make a whole lot of sense to me these days. With that being said, I can certainly appreciate the simplicity and sensibility of the seven different model options with the KVD I8 Spinning Rods. They didn’t try to overthink things and it seems as if they have a model for any finesse technique imaginable.

I have tested two of the models: the 6-foot, 10-inch medium action as mentioned earlier and the 7-foot medium action. If you’re not a big-time finesse angler, I’d recommend the 7-foot medium-action model because it’s more of an all-around finesse rod; it can pretty much do anything you need when it comes to light-line fishing. If you’d like to get more specialized and if you’re a better finesse angler than me, there are several other more specialized options you can choose from.

Hook keeper stays out of the way

These rods are design a patented hook keeper that is located on the very butt-end of the rod and stays totally out of the way while you’re fishing. You don’t have to worry about your line getting caught underneath it in the middle of a cast or hooking your hand when you’re grabbing it out of the rod locker. This may not seem like a huge deal to everyone and I totally get that but I have had enough frustrating experienced with poorly designed hook keepers that this is a big plus for me. All too often it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference in rod design.

Final impressions

This is a solid rod at a really reasonable price. It’s durable, well balanced, sensitive and feels great in your hands during a long day of fishing. Because of its lower price point, I think it’ll be a great way for anglers to add several different finesse rods to their arsenals without totally breaking the bank. If you get a chance to put one of these in your hands, I’d recommend giving it a try.

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