Jackall Flick Shake

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Japanese companies have made lure design and manufacture an art form. Jackall Lures is no exception. Building state of the art high quality products that catch fish without comprising meticulous detailing and doing so at a cost effective price is a tough job. Jackall Lures has undeniable high-end quality in all of their products and a price point that most anglers do not shy away from.

Their 2008 product list includes the Giron; a jointed panfish swimbait, the MC 60; a tournament quality crankbait, the Muscle Deep; a deep diving crankbait, the Aragon; a jointed crankbait, the TN70; a tungsten aided lipless crankbait, the Doozer; a 1 ounce lipless crankbait for big bass, the Squad Minnow; a 4 inch jerkbait, the Smash Minnow; a very exaggerated action jerkbait, the Squirrel; a long bill jerkbait, the SK Grande; a topwater popper, the Bonnie; a slender spook-like topwater, the Mudsucker; a walk the dog popping topwater, two plasticized baits, the Mask; a 4 inch jerkbait and the Mask VIB; a natural life-like lipless crankbait, and two Big Baits the Mikey/Mikey Jr; jointed swimbait and the Dagored; a unique wake style bait with tail prop. All with great paint finishes, great action, numerous color combinations and each strategically positions for different levels of the water column. The one not mentioned above but one that we could hardly wait to get our hands on was the Flick Shake worm combined with the Wacky -Jig Head. This is one of the hottest finesse techniques going and will be the next drop shot in our opinion.

The Flick Shake was created and perfected for Jackall by Japanese angler Seiji Kato and he used this bait to help him win the co-angler side of the Bassmaster Elite at Amistad a year or so ago. Called “Flick Shakin” this technique resembles wacky worming but instead of using an unweighted straight shank hook a special weighted hook called a Wacky-Jig Head with tungsten is used.

The Wacky-Jig Head is a ball shaped tungsten weedless hook and comes in two sizes, 1/8 and 3/32 oz. The hook has a perpendicular line tie and a round bend that should e rigged at a 90 degree angle for the best action, hook sets and helps keep the bait more weedless. It also allows the bait to sink faster.

The Jackall Flick Shake worm is built with a curved design and has both salt and live bait scent added. It comes in 12 colors and it also can be fished on a drop shot or shaky head as well.


This is a great bait for the beginner from a couple of perspectives. One you cannot fish it wrong. Any action applied to the rod will give this bait action. Secondly, it catches fish and success gets the beginner enthused and wanting to fish more.

Our Tests

This is without hesitation one of the craziest presentations that we have tested. This worm has more action that a box of snakes, and if a fish sees it, he inhales it. They cannot stand the jiggle and jumping that the weight and worm in concert presents.

The Inside Scoop

If you like to wacky worm we are sure that you will like Flick Shakin even more.

The Flick Shake Worm is 5.8 inches long and comes in a package of 7 worms and is priced at $4.99 per package. Wacky-Jig heads come in 3 to a package and are priced at $3.99.

You can buy the Flick Shake at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.