Greenfish Tackle HD Skipping Jig Review

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I got turned on to a new selection of jigs this winter from Greenfish Tackle. I started out throwing their Big Rubber Light Wire Arky style jig. Then I threw the Skipping Jig and then the HD Skipping Jig.

The HD Skipping Jig is a simple but effective jig for flipping, skipping and open water casting. The jig has a breathable silicone skirt in some great looking colors. But it has a lot more well thought out features for such a simple jig.


The HD Skipping Jig features:

  • Hand-tied skirts
  • Recessed eye
  • Big barb keeper
  • Heavy-gauge hooks

The skirts are the first thing most guys look at when choosing a skirted bass jig. The HD Skipping Jig features hand-tied silicone in some great unique color combinations like B.B. Green, Purple Haze, B.O.G. and Toxic Craw.

The eye of the hook is actually molded into the head. This seems to help it come through cover a lot better. If the jig felt like it was getting hung, I would just give it a little pop and it would snap free of the cover. I was super impressed with how it came through rock in casting applications and around wood in flooded conditions.

The keeper on the shank of the HD Skipping Jig holds trailers real well. It’s a big barb and holds the keeper in place through multiple casts and fish catches.


The hooks on the HD Skipping Jig were solid with great points and little flex. While the Big Rubber Light Wire Arky jig hooks had a little more flex they penetrated really well on long casts in deep water. So I think there is a jig to fit your preference in this lineup. 

I caught fish in 25 feet of water casting a 1/2 ounce model back in December. Then caught them in about 8-10 feet of water the first of January. Then I’ve caught them shallow in a foot or two in the muddy water lately. Most have come on the HD Skipping model and some of the Living Rubber Skirted models in Black and Blue and Toxic Craw. 

The jigs fished easily, coming through cover well. More importantly I stuck the fish and kept them buttoned up even in really deep water with lighter line. 

The HD Skipping Jig can be found online at and retailers that carry Greenfish Tackle products. Some of their other jigs can also be found at TackleWarehouse and owner John Hair is releasing a new website and catalog this spring. You can find them on Facebook or by calling (706) 432-8225 directly to get colors and place orders for other types of jigs.