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Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook Review

Wacky rigging stick baits is something I’m absolutely enamored with. Not many anglers use this technique on big lakes, which is why I have a ton of confidence in it. If I’m tournament fishing or guiding on my home lake, I use Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hooks. I’ve used them for years and they’re the best wacky rig hooks I’ve ever fished with. There are 4 reasons I have them in my boat at all times.

  • Strong
  • Weed guards stay in place
  • Very high hookup ratio
  • Super sharp

They don’t bend or warp easily

The Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook is an extremely durable hook. I don’t think twice about using it around ultra-thick cover or around big bass—I’ve never had one fail me. They don’t get hung up much, but if they do, you can pull and shake all you want to without compromising the integrity of the hook.

They also hold up very well to multiple fish catches. While some other hooks tend to dull after just a few fish, the Wicked Wacky Hook stays very sharp. I’ve used the same hook for multiple full-day guide trips with no noticeable decrease in hookup ratio.

The weed guard stays in place


Many of the wacky rig hooks I’ve used in the past have weed guards that bend and become unusable sometimes after a single fish catch. Not only is it annoying trying to bend them back into place, but it wastes a lot of valuable fishing time. The Wicked Wacky Hook’s weed guard stays in place and doesn’t unravel. That’s not to say you can just wad them up in your tackle trey and expect them to spring back to life, but if you store them with enough room, they’ll last a very long time.

The weed guard also does what the name implies—guards the hook point from cover. As with any finesse technique, you can’t just throw it into the jungle and plow it through without regard. If you fish it slowly around cover and delicately work it through, however, its extremely snag resistant.

It has a very high hookup ratio

In my personal opinion, many weedless wacky rig hooks are far too small. Big bass have thick jawbones and a small hook simple can’t hold a big bass for an extended period of time.  Wicked Wacky Hooks are built on Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks, which have a fairly wide bend. The Wicked Wacky Hook’s wide bend leaves plenty of room for the hook to fit around the thick jawbones of big bass.

Every wacky rig hook requires a different hookset and I’ve found that setting the hook in an upward motion is the best way to enjoy a high hookup ratio with these hooks. When you see your line start swimming off, just reel down to the fish and let your rod load up before leaning upward into the fish. If you snatch instead of pull, you’ll often pull the hook out of the bass’ mouth.


You’ll also notice that the eye of the hook is directly in-line with the hook point, which creates a more direct line of pull, resulting in more efficient energy transfer and more hookups in the hard, top part of the fish’s mouth.

Extremely sharp

Wicked Wacky Hooks are very sharp—there’s no other way to put it. They penetrate the fish’s mouth very easily, so it’s not necessary to set the hook like a gorilla. This also comes in handy when you’re threading your favorite stick bait onto the hook. A dull hook point will gouge a large hole in your soft plastics, resulting in decreased durability and a lot of wasted money.

If you like to toss a wacky rig around, try these Wicked Wacky Hooks. They’re responsible for a lot of my big bass and I believe you’ll enjoy the same success. They’re priced at $5.49 per 3-pack.

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Review by Walker Smith