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Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 Slit Foam Case Review

 I picked up the new Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 hook box on Tackle Warehouse a few weeks ago and thought I’d share my thoughts on it for storing hooks. 

The Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 Foam Slit Box is not very big at roughly 8 inches by 5 inches and an inch deep, but it holds a ton of treble hooks, straight hooks, jigheads and even lures if you like.

I mostly wanted to try this box for neatly organizing my spare treble hooks which I keep on hand whenever I fish jerkbaits, crankbaits, or topwater lures. I get spun out if one of the hooks has a dulled point or gets bent over from a snag or two many fish catches. So I’m constantly checking my hooks and making sure I’ve got a sharp one on there. 

The G-Box 3200 will hold more than 125 extra trebles easily, neatly, by size and style. The box holds them very secure. I’ve turned it upside down, shook it, dropped it on my boat deck and the hooks have mostly stayed right where I put them. 

 The foam slits in the G-Box 3200 are snug and allow for overlapping so you can fill the box with a lot of terminal tackle. I’m still playing around with using it to store other hooks, jigheads and even lures. But as a treble hook box, it’s first rate. 

Gamakatsu G-box full

The lunchbox style design gives the G-Box 3200 Slit Foam box one main clasp that holds it secure. Since I’m using this box for hooks, I was hoping for a waterproof seal but this box does not have one. So you will want to be sure you keep it in a secure dry box. But I like that it can be opened quickly with one hand and closed back, as you will have hooks in your other hand. And, its size makes it easy to store just about anywhere.

The box is $9.99 on so I find it’s a good investment for keeping hooks handy and secure without having to shake them all loose from each other and dropping on the carpet to be stepped on later.

You can find the G-Boxes on and read more about the G-Boxes on the Gamakatsu website.