EZ Troll Recessed Foot Pedal Tray Review

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I recently installed the EZ Troll recessed foot pedal tray on a fishing boat, and following the instructions made the job more simple and uneventful than most would think. In a nutshell, the instructions gave me a peace of mind that it could be done flawlessly. And I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the tray installed even with the daunting task of cutting a large hole in the deck of the bass boat.

Planning for projects and reading the instructions thoroughly is not typical for most do-it-yourselfers. Whether assembling a new grill or putting together one of our kids’ bicycles, we can’t be bothered with 10 pages of parts and pictures.  Like my dad used to say, “One day you couldn’t spell carpenter and now you are one.” This philosophy is more of the rule than the exception. Most of us think “we don’t need no stinking instructions!”

When installing a new piece of gear on our boats, we usually just fly by the seat of our pants, too. Cutting a huge hole into the boat, however, takes careful consideration and following instructions is critical. 

When installing the recessed foot pedal tray by EZ Troll, winging it was definitely not an option. Cutting a fairly large hole in the boat deck makes even the most die-hard riggers nervous. Mistakes can mean disaster. 


There were several simple steps, though, that made sure the install went smoothly and without fret.

  1. Before purchasing a tray, carefully measure to determine if the area below the tray is deep enough for the tray. 
  2. Layout the tray with masking tape per the instructions using the provided template.
  3. Cut the carpet inside the masking tape before sawing. This allows for a clean cut and will keep the deck carpet from unraveling. 
  4. Carefully cut out the area where the tray will sit. Be sure to determine if storage areas or wiring could be impacted. Most boats will have floatation below the deck that will have to be removed. Remove only what is needed for the try to fit snugly. 
  5. Attach the provided fitting and hose for the drain on the tray. Place the hose below the foam on the bottom of the boat for drainage. Leave the mesh provided in the hole of the tray to keep debris from entering it. 
  6. For wood desks use self-tapping screws. Pre-drill fiberglass decks and vacuum loose debris before placing the tray in its permanent location. Water resistant foam can be purchased to fill any voids. 


I have had my boat out several times and believe that I not only can fish longer with less of a toll on my back and legs but also have gained some added foot space on the front deck. 

The final word is read the instructions and follow them to the letter. The install will be neat and clean and hold up for years to come. 

You can learn more about the EZ Troll Tray at EZtroll.com. You can purchase them at Tackle Warehouse