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DockStix Review

I received a couple of DockStix from our friends at Jewel Bait Company a few weeks back. These handy short rods keep your boat from getting dock rash while you’re loading and unloading at the ramp. I just paid to have a friend wet sand, buff and polish my boat, and really want to avoid anymore dings or scuffs in it. I fish a lot on my own and I like to stay off the beaten path as much as possible. Problem with that is you end up beaching your boat next to some sketchy docks with loose screws, torn bump rails and worse. And since it’s hardly ever calm on Kentucky Lake, that adds up to a lost of scuffs, chips, scrapes and torn rub rails. So I was excited to get the DockStix in the hopes it would keep my boat off the dock.

There are a couple of things I think the DockStix do to keep the distance. First the sticks snug securely to each tie down quickly and easily. One end of the DockStix has an elastic loop that you can feed through a cleat and then wrap around each ear. The other end has two hooks on the end of two lines. By wrapping these through and around a cleat, you can then secure them back into the DockStix to lock it all into place.

The DockStix acts as a buffer between the boat and the dock. The rigid poles keep the boat at safe distance so that even in a wave it won’t rub or bump. Each end of the sticks are rubber coated. The inner bungee cords allow the boat to flex and move as need be in the waves and wind without breaking the stick or torquing the cleat.

It’s a quick and easy way to tie up and keep the boat back away from the dock.

I’ve been putting my Power-Poles down on shallow docks and just using one DockStix to keep the boat the perfect distance away. Because the cord is heavy duty elastic, you can step in and out of the boat without it bumping or rubbing.

Those of you who have Power-Poles have undoubtedly had the wind move your boat too far from the dock where you’ve had to getting a running start to jump back into it, or worse yet have to wade after them because the wind and waves were so strong it moved the front end too far away.

The DockStix keeps the boat the exact same distance and takes the stress off your poles in deeper water. And then of course when it’s too deep for poles, you can just use two DockStix to secure your boat in place.

Here are a lot more photos of the DockStixYou can order a set of two DockStix from

Dockstix come two to a set

They keep your boat a safe distance from the dock

The elastic cord attaches to dock cleats easily

And you can keep your distance quickly and easily

The hook ends loop around the boat cleat easily

The Dockstix keep your gel coat pushed off the dock

And with Power-Poles down, you can just tether and go