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Dobyns Champion Series 764CB Crankbait Rod Review

It’s no secret that bass fishing crankbaits are an excellent way to catch big fish. I throw crankbaits throughout the entire year in my part of the country and in my opinion, using the proper rod is absolutely imperative to your cranking success. If it’s too stiff, you’ll rip the hooks from the bass’ mouth and if it’s too flimsy, you’ll wear out your arm and lose sensitivity throughout your retrieve.

In most cases, rod builders construct specific rods according to your crankbait’s depth—very seldom can you find one that works equally well with all crankbait models and sizes. Fortunately, I found one that does. The Dobyns Champion Series 764CB Crankbait Rod is one of the best, most versatile cranking rods I have ever used.

Here’s what I really love about this rod:

  • Quality components
  • Super versatile
  • Castability
  • Sensitive

High-end components

The components of this rod are arguably second-to-none. From the compressed, high-grade cork handle to the reel seat and KiGan SiC guides, absolutely no corners were cut with the Dobyns Champion Series 764CB Crankbait Rod.

Some cork handles can crack, split and even break after excessive use—this can cost a lot of money to replace and it also can seriously impact your grip while using it. The cork on this rod, however, is outstanding. It offers exceptional grip, even when wet, and stands up to any abuse you can think of. This is one of my most heavily used rods and the grips are showing absolutely no signs of wear.

The KiGan SiC guides are also very durable which will keep your line in optimum shape for a long period of time. I use a smaller boat due to local horsepower restrictions, so occasionally I step on my line guides by accident. They have proven to be very resilient and do not bend or break. I’ve also been impressed by the inserts as well. I’ve never had one become loose or fall out and they’re very resistant to grooving and chipping.

Extremely versatile

Many anglers don’t have a bunch of fishing rods and we totally understand and appreciate that. Because of this, we make a concerted effort to find the most versatile rods on the market—it’s a quality that everyone can appreciate. It saves anglers a lot of money in the long run.

Whether I’m using a shallow-diving crankbait like the Bandit 200 or Storm Arashi on seawalls and shallow flats or chunking a deep crankbait such as the SPRO Little John DD or Strike King 6XD on points and ledges, this rod is absolutely spot-on. Dobyns has created this rod with versatility in mind—it will not overpower your smaller crankbaits nor will it beat you to death while fishing deep divers.

Outstanding castability


Gary Dobyns told me I would be amazed with this rod’s casting distance—to be honest, I was initially skeptical. But only after a few hours on the water there was no doubt this rod loaded well and my casting distance increased as a result.

If you’re casting small crankbaits to shallow cover with a rod that’s too stiff, assuming you’re a right-hander, you’re going to pull your casts to the left very frequently. It happens to a lot of folks and it’s not usually their fault. This rod’s tip is soft enough to allow for very accurate roll casts without even thinking. You’re able to get your lure into tight spots and make it land quietly.

When fishing big crankbaits, a “lob” cast is often favorable. This involves a slow back cast in order to allow the rod to load properly. The Dobyns Champion Series 764 Crankbait Rod loads excellently on the back cast, effectively catapulting your big crankbaits a ridiculous distance.

Very sensitive


A rod’s sensitivity is crucial when you’re using crankbaits. Because this technique is often most effective when colliding your lure with submerged cover, it’s important to feel exactly what’s happening at all times.

While using this rod, I’m always able to feel every bump and tick throughout my entire retrieve. Whether it’s a stump, stick, limb or piece of grass, there’s never a question in my mind. In both the summer and winter, bass don’t always bite your crankbait aggressively—sometimes it just feels mushy. I’ve noticed an increase in my hookup ratio with this rod because regardless of the bite, I can always detect it. This allows me to quickly get my rod into position in order to make a quick and effective hookset.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, sensitive and versatile crankbait rod, I recommend the Dobyns Champion Series 764CB for all of your cranking needs. It’s one of the best I’ve ever used and I know you’ll be impressed as well.

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