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Damiki MTS Spinnerbait Review

 My first outing with the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait was a pretty memorable one. In fact, I had such a good first fishing day with it, I turned around and wrote my review right afterward because I was convinced it would do what I needed a spinnerbait to do when fished through shallow cover. 

Very compact design helps come through cover

The Damiki MTS Spinnerbait features an irregular head design, very small blades on a solid wire with premium blades, beads and swivels. The hook also features a double barb keeper. And it’s topped off with a wire-tied skirt to keep it from slipping, breaking or otherwise falling apart on you. The combination is well worth the money for the quality you get in a small package. The small Colorado blade in front of the No. 4 willow makes it a compact profile but it churns the water well and you can feel the pull when fished deep, even when crawling it over brush at a slow speed.

Hooked fish in cover very well

My first day throwing the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait yielded several bass in the 3 to 6-pound range. I was crawling a spinnerbait over and through brush in 4 to 12 feet of water and fishing it on pretty heavy 15-pound Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon line. The spinnerbait casts really well for its size and I hooked every fish that bit although a nearly 6-pound bass took two tries to get in the boat.

The first cast I felt the spinnerbait coming over a brush pile, a fish knocked slack in the line. I reeled down and set and pulled the fish about 5 feet and it came off. I reeled up and found my trailer was pushed onto my hook and the arm of the spinnerbait was bent badly. I adjusted everything back to normal, fired back out on the same line and got another bite. I set hook and ended up landing a 5 3/4-pound bass. I don’t know for sure that it was the same fish, but it was interesting that something big had a hold of it the cast before and then I fire back out and land this nice bass. Pretty good test for the bait.

Unique M-Hull Turbulence head helps lift it over cover

The most noticeable difference on the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait is the swept underside head design they call the M-Hull. This shape is said to help keel the spinnerbait so that it stays upright as it contacts and comes over objects. That’s an important trait in spinnerbaits fished around cover, because when a spinnerbait lays over on its side as its pulled over cover is when the hook catches and you get hung. I pulled this one spinnerbait through dozens of brush piles and laydowns and have only had it hang one time on me and I think that was because it slid down some fishing line wrapped in a tree and got jammed. But I was able to knock it loose and ended up catching almost 19 pounds on my first outing with the single bait.

Even small bass swallowed it in thick brush

One thing I noticed on the few non-keepers I caught, was that they got the whole MTS spinnerbait well into their mouth. The wire is pretty strong, and you sometimes wonder if collapsibility of the wire will impede your hookups. So if a small fish can not only get it in its mouth but way back in its mouth, that means the wire is collapsing and moving out of the way well on the hookset. 

It caught big fish, including this one

All in all there is not a lot to say about spinnerbaits, but I thought the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait performed very well. It’s at a decent price point at $6.99.  It’s available in limited colors but I basically only throw two colors of spinnerbaits — chartreuse and white and shad — both of which you can find in this lineup. Check out the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait at and at retailers carrying Damiki spinnerbaits.