Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel Review

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I’ve been using the Daiwa Tatula LT spinning reel for most of the summer and it has been a major workhorse in my arsenal. From skipping wacky rigs underneath boat docks and probing deep brush piles, it has exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say that it’s the smoothest spinning reel I’ve tested this year. I’ll quickly go over the key features of this impressive reel.

The drag is super smooth

The drag on the Daiwa Tatula LT is one of the better ones I’ve ever had an opportunity to use. It’s incredibly responsive and you’re able to make very small adjustments on the fly without any issues. It handles strong, boat-side runs with ease and it has plenty of power to pull big bass from thick cover.

It’s definitely tough

I’ve put this reel through its paces. Whether a guide client steps on it or I throw it in the bed of my truck for a quick evening pond trip, the Tatula LT hasn’t let me down. I’ve tested several spinning reels in the past that become very loose and flimsy after a couple months of fishing. I have certainly not had that problem with this reel. Everything is still as tight and functional as it was the day I removed it from the box. 

I just recently learned that the “LT” stands for “light and tough” and this reel certainly fits that bill. 

Incredibly comfortable

This reel is very lightweight thanks to its Air Bail and Air Rotor systems. It’s certainly one of the lightest reels I own. I have fished many long days with this reel and I have experienced absolutely zero hand fatigue or cramping. It feels like it should be twice its price, if I’m being honest. 

The handle knob is actually really nice, too. It’s probably hard to tell in the photos, but it’s very tacky, which is a big help when your hands are wet or covered in fish slime. 

Flawless line management

I know a lot of anglers prefer braided line on spinning reels, but I purposely use fluorocarbon and monofilament when I test a new spinning reel. In my mind, its the ultimate test for line management. 

The Tatula LT has handled monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided line beautifully. I have not experienced any tangles or random wind knots. The line comes off the the spool smoothly and even with stiffer fluorocarbons, this reel makes line management a breeze. 

Final impressions

This reel has impressed every friend and guide client who has picked it up. Normally the first thing someone says is “Wow” when they put it in their hands. I wouldn’t let the $189 price tag scare you away from this one. It feels and performs like it could be twice that price and from what I can tell so far, durability and longevity will not be an issue. 

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