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Costa Blackfin Pro Review

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

The Blackfin and the Fantail are two of Costa’s most popular fishing sunglasses frames ever made and both of them just got some key upgrades in the new Blackfin Pro and Fantail Pro models. I got to test the Blackfin Pro frames the last several months and they are easily a new favorite of mine for fishing.

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Great coverage

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

One of the reasons the original Costa Blackfin was my favorite was the side coverage from the wide arms. If you ever seen fishermen sight fishing or looking for fish in the shallows, you will see them cup their hands to the side of their face to get a better view into the water. Side light makes seeing into water through polarized lenses more difficult so the more you can block it out better.

The new Blackfin Pro have the same wide arms with sweat channels, better Hydrolite grips to keep the frames in place and comfortable on your face, and hooding with the side shields to keep light out from around the frames. 

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Quality lenses

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

The Blackfin Pro frames come with 580G Glass lenses for optimal visual clarity. These lenses are some of the best that can be found in sunglasses today and make hunting fishing in shallow water a lot easier. 

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Improved Nose Piece

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

The new vented nose pieces are a welcome addition to these new versions of the Blackfin Pros. They help keep your face cool and your nose bads from slipping with sweat. They are fully customizable and will reduce the fogging on your lenses with changing temperatures. 

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Comfortable wide profile arms

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

Quality construction and design are evident every where on these Blackfin Pro frames. Quality hinges, durable arms, comfortable padding and channels for air and sweat make these a very high end, high performing pair of fishing sunglasses.

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Lanyard attachment

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

The metal reinforced rings on the ends of the arms make it easy to attach a keeper or lanyard to keep up with your sunglasses when they are not on your eyes. I often switch between sunglasses and cheaters to tie knots and like the ability to add a keeper to my sunglasses at times.

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Good looking and functional

Costa Blackfin Pro Review

Overall the Blackfin Pro is a great update on one of my favorite fishing sunglasses frames ever made. Lots of improvements were made around the nose, temple, forehead and sides for an improved fit and wearing experience on the water. I wear these all the time right now from yard work to fishing. These are almost always somewhere nearby if not on my face. 

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