Bomber Flat A Review

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We’ve all got one lure in our tackle boxes that we turn to when the fishing gets tough. For me, I’ve always tried to keep the Bomber Flat A a closely guarded secret around my parts. There comes a time, however, when we need to share the wealth with fellow anglers, and as much as it pains me, the time is now. When I guide fishing trips, I tie on a Bomber Flat A for the large majority my clients’ crankbait fishing needs. There are 4 aspects that make this crankbait a must-have for this winter and upcoming prespawn.

  • Unique action
  • Durability
  • Castability
  • Competitive price

Unique Action

The Bomber Flat A has a different action than most crankbaits on the market. Having an almost neutral buoyancy, it’s ideal for winter fishing when the bass become sluggish. When the bait is paused in mid-retrieve, it has a very slow floating action, which allows it to stay in the strike zone for much longer while letting lethargic bass get a better look at it.

That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t work well in other situations. I have caught some monster bags burning the Flat A around shallow cover. It doesn’t spiral or veer off during the retrieve, even when fished fast. When the bass are stubborn, its tight wiggle convinces them to eat.


Another reason I keep boxes full of these crankbaits in my boat, especially while guiding, is because of their durability. I’ve had these things thrown onto major highways, into bridges and into countless docks and the dang things don’t break. Every now and then you may get a small crack in one, but it’s usually after months of abuse. Both beginning and advanced anglers will reap the benefits of the Flat A’s solid construction.


For a small crankbait, the Bomber Flat A casts a country mile. Weighing in at 3/8-ounce, it doesn’t helicopter or flutter when you cast it—even in high winds. If you’re targeting fish on windy secondary points or in calm backwaters, you can hit your targets quickly and efficiently with the Flat A.

I’ve seen the Flat A casted on every setup imaginable, even a Zebco 33, with outstanding results. If you’re just learning how to use a baitcasting reel, this is also a great crankbait to practice with.

Competitive price

Priced at a modest $4.69 per crankbait, you don’t have to be ultra-conservative when fishing with a Flat A. If you’re skipping it under a dock or fishing gnarly rip rap, the low price helps you concentrate on the bass, not avoiding hang-ups. Sure, you can find crankbaits that cost a lot more, but it’s hard to beat the value of this crankbait.

The Bomber Flat A is a sturdy, reliable crankbait that has helped me during many guide trips and tournaments. I can’t tell you how many people ask me “Hey, what was that bait we caught all those fish on?” after a good day on the water with the Flat A.

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