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Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

Small prop baits really shine from late spring all the way up to late fall. Because their profile closely mimics new shad, baby bluegill and other small forage found up around the shallows after the spawn, they are very effective at luring cruising and lurking bass into biting around grass, wood cover, old bluegill beds and docks.

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Great Profile

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

The Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin offers a 3-inch, 1/2-ounce prop bait that mimics shad, small baitfish and baby bluegill well. It comes with stout hooks, free-spinning, oversized props in the front and rear with a twisted wire line tie.

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Narrow contours shimmy

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

The Pro Sunny B Twin Spin has a narrow profile that indents on the sides to give the bait a subtle shimmy on a straight slow retrieve. I have been working it with just a slow steady retrieve, or a short chop, pause and short chop combination or just subtle little twitches. All three have yielded fish and I like that this topwater can match the mood of the fish.

When they are aggressive and running bluegill up shallow. The chop-pause-chop cadence is really good. When it’s slick calm and lower light, a steady slow retrieve is nice. And when the fish are up in real skinny water, a series of subtle twitches just barely enough to make the prop turn has been money.

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Free spinning props

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

The props are setup on a long twisted through wire that features two beads to keep the oversized props spinning freely without much resistance. That’s what allows for ultral slow retrieves and turning props. It’s also what allows the bait to spray so much water on a violent rip or chop. I call them chops because I chop my rod tip down to make it spit water.

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bluegill looking colors on craws

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

The bait comes in some great baitfish colors, bluegill color and crawfish colors. At first I thought the crawfish colors were sort of silly on a topwater bait, afterall when’s the last time you saw a crawfish up on the surface struggling. But after I looked at some baby bluegills in my home lake, the crawfish colors better mimicked my baby bluegill than did the bluegill color.

So I’ve been doing most of my damage with the brown craw colored Pro Sunny B Twin Spin bait around bluegill beds.

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Well made top to bottom

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

Bagley Baits have solid hook hangers, split rings, hooks and other hardware on their Pro hard baits. So these are premium baits with premium components which means you can fish them on braid without worrying about them tearing up.

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Fun bait around bluegill beds and wolfpack fish

Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin

I had a lot of fun on my last bass outing getting blowups on the Sunny B Twin Spin in the early morning hours around where bluegill had been spawning. Early in the morning I was catching them on a straight slow retrieve and then by mid morning it was the chop-pause-chop retrieve that got it done.

In the summer, when bass are wolf packing in the shallow pockets, a prop bait is hard to beat. Worked on grass edges, backs of pockets, under dock walkways and around shallow wood, the Pro Sunny B Twin Spin has done a really great job catching those shallow spooky fish wolfpacking on bait up shallow.

The Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin is well made and hooks fish well. You can find them at these retailers: