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When to Fish Swimbaits on Underspins

A paddle tail swimbait fished on an underspin is an excellent presentation to locate and trigger active bass during prime feeding windows. Pro bass angler Brent Ehrler explains when to use moving baits like soft swimbaits, over slow, bottom-based presentations like a drop shot or Neko rig.


For Ehrler, it boils down to efficiency. A swimbait rigged on a heavy jig head supports long-distance casts to cover water quickly with a steady retrieve. He then may switch to a bottom bait like the Neko rig to catch additional fish. Ehrler walks us through a typical cast, emphasizing the importance of long casts to maximize keeping the bait in the strike window.

Lastly, he discusses his preferred rod, reel and line setup for making long-distance casts and getting solid hooksets with beefy swimbait hooks at depth.