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True Bass Little Head 4.5 Swimbait Review

Hollow-bodied swimbaits have had a lasting impact on bass fishing, even branching over into crappie and many other larger freshwater species like muskies and pike. There is a veritable smorgasbord of swimbaits for anglers now. But some of the new ones entering the market have caught my eye. So I recently picked up some of the True Bass Little Head Swimbaits from Tackle Warehouse.

What’s different about True Bass Little Heads

The True Bass Little Head swimbaits are listed as 4.5 inches although I would call them comparable to any 5-inch hollow-bellied, paddle-tail swimbait on the market. 

They offer just a handful of colors but they are all original and good looking colors. The 99 Problems and Hot Sauce are my two favorites of their 6 color choices in the 4.5 Inch Little Head line.

The most notable difference in these and other hollow-bodied swimbaits is their rounded shape. Sure they are shaped like a baitfish with a paddle tail that kicks. But they are more rounded around their head area, giving them the name the Little Head. This design, however, gives them an even keel on a typical swimbait head and the swim more straight with a steady tail kick. 


This action is fairly unique on a hollow bodied swimbait. Most hollow bodies are taller and narrower which causes them to roll hard side to side or flex and shimmy in the middle of the body which can interrupt the tail kick. The Little Head swims straighter with a steady tail kick. 

Because of this action, it has proven to be a very effective swimbait in cold water. 


My experiences

I’ve fished the swimbait now for a few months from November through January and have caught more than 100 bass on them already. I was able to catch a lot of bass on a single swimbait. So they are very durable. The rig easily because of their more rounded body and they stay on a hook keeper well. I’ve been fishing them on Buckeye Lures J-Will heads and BOSS Swimbait heads.

I’ve caught bass on them in water as shallow as 8 feet and deep as 25 feet in the little time I’ve been fishing them. Something about their ability to track true makes them consistent producers in that cooler water where the shad more than likely aren’t actively moving. I generally cast them out, count them down or let them hit bottom and then begin a slow retrieve. I will pause occasionally to make sure I am staying close to the bottom. 


They can be fished on weighted swimbait hooks, but I prefer an open jighead. A drop of superglue will keep them in place for several fish in a row. The color 99 Problems is one of the best I’ve seen on a swimbait. And Hot Sauce has been a good producer in the murkier flood waters we’ve had recently.

They retail for $9.99 a pack. They come in 6 colors. You can find them at and at their website