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The Biggest Bass to be Caught on Video?

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To say Butch Brown knows a thing or two about big largemouth bass would be a gross understatement. A noted swimbait expert, Brown has caught more than 1,600 bass weighing in excess of 10 pounds with many of his catches being fully documented on video. He doesn’t have a fancy boat, either; he does his damage out of a surprisingly small fishing boat. His angling accomplishments are simply amazing.

These days, it seems like anyone who catches a trophy bass is immediately attacked by naysayers disputing its size–especially on social media–but Brown’s thorough documentation of this 2009 catch leaves no room for discussion. He catches a 19.3-pound bass on a Huddleston Deluxe trout swimbait and we see the entire thing from the cast, the hookset all the way to the landing. Although the video quality isn’t incredible, it’s clear to see that this may very well be the largest bass ever caught on video.

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