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Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill Swimbait Review

The Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill swimbait feature ultra-realistic 3D-printed design, soft body, patent-pending split rear kicker tail and weedless hook slots top and bottom to conceal the hook with maximum penetration. It’s a lot of painstaking details and advancements piled into one compact bluegill imitator that gets bit and doesn’t break your budget.

Here’s a deeper dive into this new swimbait from Savage Gear.

Ultra-realistic design

The fins, features and paint schemes on the new Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill swimbaits will fool the weariest of bass. The bait features a 3D-printed copy of a real bluegill body that is then painted in one of 6 unique small bluegill/panfish patterns to entice big bass in a variety of waters and fishing situations. The plastic is soft and fins are perfect looking while swimming.

Hybrid wedge tail produces natural swim

The patent-pending split wedge tail in the back is the engine on this sporty new bluegill swimbait. It gives the bait an incredibly natural swim at both slow and fast speeds alike. I’ve played with burning it just under the surface and slow crawling it on the bottom and it looks awesome in the water and on the retrieve.

The Savage Gear Bluegill Hook

The Pulse Tail LB Bluegill comes with the Savage Gear Bluegill Hook. This is a strong hook designed specifically to fit the body of the Bluegill so the hook virtually disappears while still providing maximum protection from snags while also providing easy hook penetration on the hookset. 

This hook and body combination went through several prototypes to get the perfect combination on a quick change system.

The hook and body combination

A few of the key points about this hook and body combination:

  • The hook sits flush on the underside of the body.  The underside even has indentations to nestle the bottom of the weight and keep it from collapsing the cavity from upward pressure.
  • The weight is shaped to help maximize clearance by splitting the cavity open compared to other weight shapes.
  • The hook slot inside the body follows the shape of the hook and the weight to make sure the weight does not limit hook clearance.
  • The rear fin has an indentation that perfectly aligns with the hook inside the fin.
  • The quick interchange screw lock is much faster to change from one lure to the next. All you have to do after you switch or before fishing the pre-rigged lure in the pack is turn the screw lock in a couple more turns. 
  • The screw lock will disengage from the hook to prevent it from ripping or damaging the bait on a head thrashing fish.

Tail has very natural swim

The Pulse Tail Bluegill swims brilliantly thanks to its special blend of proprietary plastic that is soft enough to give it a nice steady thump while also being rigid enough to stay straight and true throughout the retrieve. 

Incredible Patterns on LB and RTF Versions

The patterns are so nice on both the LB (Loose Body) and RTF (Ready to Fish) versions of the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill swimbaits. They have 4 really realistic bluegill patterns and then two brighter patterns with Vivid Gill and White Gill. These lighter patterns will prevail on waters with a little stain in them. I have been using the white one to mimic shad around the shad spawn with good success. 

The perfect proportion for numbers and size

It’s a perfect 4-inch, 1 1/4-ounce offering. Fish it around docks, over bluegill beds, out deep, up shallow and everywhere in between to trick fish with this awesome bluegill imitator. The White Gill has been getting chewed on by bass this spring for me on two different lakes. This is a new out of the package one but the prototype one I had after ICAST last year has been roughed up a lot and still looks great and swims great.

Couple of recent catches on the Pulse Tail Bluegill

The Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill Swimbait has accounted for some fun fishing this spring and looking forward to seeing what it does now with the late post spawn bluegill chasers and into the summer on these lakes with high water. I think I could be hurting their feelings on Table Rock later this summer with this swimbait. 

It’s a great alternative around flooded shallow cover in really clear water like you have on those highland impoundments. 

You can find all 6 colors of the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill at