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River2Sea S-Waver Glide Bait Review

I have been throwing the River2Sea S-Waver for a couple of years and I think for the money it’s one of the better glide baits on which an angler can learn this unique style of swimbait fishing. Here are my thoughts on the S-Waver. 

S-Waver line tie

The River2Sea S-Waver features heavy duty materials. The plastic is dense but detailed with solid hardware from the line tie to the hook hangers. I like that I can tie big line like 25-pound fluorocarbon or 65-pound braid on the 168 or the 200 and feel like it is on a solid connection in the bait. 

Head to tail taper helps it cut

The head is large and the tail tapers and gets smaller and narrower. I think this is what helps the bait walk on both a slow steady reel even at crawling speeds and also with fast erratic jerks of the rod. 

Good joint flex

 You can quickly identify the S-Wavers in your swimbait box with the labels on the bottom. The joint is solid. While not as free as some glides, the S-Waver has a nice action and it’s easy to work. I like that most of all on the bait. You don’t have to be an expert at swimbaits to get a lot out of the bait. I throw the 200 a good bit but I think the 168s is the money bait. It’s a great size. It’s larger than most of the lures guys fish at 6 3/4 inches. But it’s not so big you can’t throw it on something like a flipping stick. It weighs 1 1/2 ounces.  But it’s a great profile, especially this time of year. Best of all it’s $18. 

Good details in their paint jobs

The sides give a nice flash on the side to side saunter in the water. It’s a slow sink so it will glide off to one side nicely if you pop it and feed it slack with the rod. I like that it’s easy to work but works at fast speeds and slow speeds equally well. 

Heavy duty hooks and hardware

 For a more affordable glide bait, the S-Waver has good strong construction. It comes with nice tails that don’t warp and tear in your box or on hot summer days of storage in your boat. They are a pliable pvc material but they are not so soft that they deform quickly like some glide baits suffer. 

I like the detailing in these baits

I think the S-Waver line-up has a lot to offer anglers that want to experiment with glide baits. I’ve had a lot of follows on these baits, which is one of my favorite uses for the S-Waver. I’ve used this bait to get fish to expose themselves and come back and caught them later knowing the areas they work. If you throw the S-Waver enough, you will be surprised how many fish it will draw for you. I’ve managed one really good fish on it this year, but we’ve had less than favorable conditions until recently. I had some great footage from Table Rock on the S-Waver that I shared in next slide.

Check out the underwater footage of the S-Waver in action from about the 10 second mark of a few follows and a strike by a nice spotted bass on the River2Sea S-Waver.  Keep in mind there is a camera in front of the bait the whole time this is happening. 

Good Largemouth Bass on the S-Waver

One of the more memorable prespawn fish weighing more than 5 pounds I got was on the S-Waver this year. It was sitting in a shallow pocket in about 5 feet of water, and I casted it to the bank along some flowers. When I started working the bait out from the flowers, it charged the shallows and tackled it in less than a foot of water. It was pretty exciting. I really like the 168s for fall fishing and early winter. 

What you will see throwing this glide bait, will keep you entertained even if you don’t get hooked up. I have watched and learned so much about how bass react by fishing this bait. It’s well worth what you would pay for a pizza or two. 

You can find a bunch of great colors and sizes of the River2Sea S-Waver on and other retailers that carry River2Sea hard baits.