Megabass MAGDRAFT Swimbait Review

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Another swimbait review. But it’s not just another swimbait. The Megabass Magdraft design incorporates a lot of problem-solving features into a large, soft-bodied swimbait for technical shallow water applications. Skipping a big swimbait under overhanging trees or around boat docks is not easy, but it can be highly effective. This bait incorporates features and tricks to be able to do that well.


About the Magdraft

Megabass works on building baits to solve specific problems and be applied to specific situations found in bass fishing. Fishing lures are tools. You need the right tool for the right job. Their baits are a tremendous blend of engineering achievements and natural looking actions and colors to give the angler a better tool for pressured bass.

Several of the features on the Megabass Magdraft set it apart from other soft swimbaits. The most prominent feature is the MAGHOLD system. An internal magnet in the swimbait along with a formed slit or groove in the belly holds a unique hook harness tight to the belly as the bait is fished. A lot of guys modify big swimbaits to be fished this way. This harness is very well done.


The hook that comes on the bait is very strong and very sharp. So if you’re hoping to hook a trophy on this bait, this hardware will definitely hold up. The hook is on a big heavy-duty swivel. When a fish bites, the hook and swivel move independently from the big bait so the fish can’t get any leverage to throw it.

The bait also features two side fins, specifically designed to deflect cover away from the two side points of the belly treble hook. So the bait is very streamlined to be fished tight to cover.


The bait comes in 6, 8 and 10-inch sizes. The 10-inch Magdraft is a giant bait weighing more than 6 ounces. While the 6-inch variety weighs a little more than an ounce.

The bait is designed to give off a solid tail thump and rocking body motion that puts maximum vibrations into the water while still appearing very natural. Check out this video of it under water and in the mouth of nice bass.

My Experiences with the Magdraft

I’ve been throwing the 8 and 10-inch Magdraft since last year. It’s a really fun bait to fish. It fishes a lot like a Chatterbait for me. Imagine if a Chatterbait weighed 3 ounces and put out that kind of thump. This swimbait probably doesn’t thump as hard as a vibrating jig that big would, but you can feel it shaking in the rod.

I found it’s best fished at a medium speed. The tail is thick and big and really kicks and forces the head to roll side to side. It looks awesome in the water. Big eyes, lifelike silhouette, great action. The big 8 and 10 inch models can actually be skipped around cover. I have been skipping them around docks, sliding them under low-hanging trees and just bombing in open water, around stumps, down weedlines and more. I’ve managed a few big bass on the Magdraft and the hardware held up really well. Not to mention, I had complete control over the fish during the fights.


I’ve had most of my luck in water 10 feet deep or less on the Magdraft. Fishing shaded areas, fishing along side of various cover has been nice with the Magdraft. You can lay it in there, swim it out and fish it similar places you would fish a swim jig or vibrating jig while showing big bass a big meaty profile.

The plastic material has held up really well on the baits. I took a trick from Oliver Ngy and used a bobby pin to stick the hook even more solid to the body. The hook will stay on the MAGHOLD system on a normal cast, but if you start trying to slide or skip the bait, you can knock the hook off the magnet. So I’ve found that bobby pin in the belly keeps the hook in place. I also found if you will give the bait a quick pull or fast few turns of the handle, the hook will often stick to the magnet if it has come loose.


You can find the Magdraft online at and other retailers that carry Megabass lures and swimbaits. The 6-inch size starts at $12.99 for a premium swimbait.

Check out our bud Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams doing work here with the Megabass Magdraft 10-inch on his YouTube Channel: