How to Choose the Right Soft Swimbait Head

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Swimbaits are consistent producers of not only numbers but also giant bass throughout the country, but understanding how to pair the right head with the right body is critical to success. Jason Sealock explains how to choose the proper jighead for the chosen swimbait and conditions.

Swimbaits come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but the simple swimbait and jighead combination is the most common and versatile. The challenge becomes selecting a properly sized and weighted jighead that gets the bait to the desired depth without impeding lure action. Wired2Fish Publisher, Jason Sealock has honed his rigging system through hundreds of hours of experimentation and success on the famed ledges of Kentucky Lake. You need to understand proper hook size, gap, and jig weight matched to the size and action of the swimbait to maximize their effectiveness.

So if you want to catch more bass and bigger bass using swimbaits in deeper water, this video should help you on rigging the right head and body to fish the conditions you face on your favorite lake or river.

Swimbaits and Swim Heads shown here: