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Plastic Worm Tricks to Get More Bites

Terry Bolton talks varying retrieves, weights, worm sizes and more to make a Texas-rigged, ribbon-tail plastic worm catch more bass when ledge fishing. His name is synonymous with ledge fishing, and he was winning new boats offshore before ledge fishing was even a term. His go-to bait has always been a ribbon-tail plastic worm like the Zoom Ol’ Monster, and he finally gives up his best tricks for catching bass on a worm out deep when others struggle to generate bites when the fishing gets tough.

He uses a plastic worm a lot to fire up a school of bass while others reach for other baits that have much lower landing percentages. He also talks about why a worm can be more effective longer and why bass are less likely to get conditioned to it over other baits. He goes through how he rigs it, worm choices, rod, reel, line, retrieves and a lot more in this thorough deep dive plastic-worm bass-fishing video.