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Ledge Baits for Bass Fishing | What They Look Like Underwater

Anglers often ask why we have so many different lures for ledge fishing for bass and when to use each one. In this video, Jason Sealock, goes through the progression of lures for ledge fishing. We take a look at each lure underwater and talk about the nuances of fishing each lure, the timing for each lure, as well as the cadence of how you fish it, plus when and why it appeals to the bass the most so you can maximize your potential when fishing offshore ledges. 

Jason has spent thousands of hours ledge fishing on the TVA lakes, and other impoundments across the country on his own and with some of the best bass anglers in the country, and he shares a lot of insight as you watch the lures, baitfish and schools of bass underwater. A great primer for ledge fishing that should help you understand it a lot better.