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Jig Fishing Tips for Summer Grassline Bass

Bass in grass lakes relate heavily to outer weedlines during the summer months because bluegill and other baitfish use deep edges to feed and escape hot surface temps. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson demonstrates how to make targeted casts to prime spots using Garmin Panoptix and a 1/2-ounce jig.

Boat stealth can be a key component to success in this situation – keeping your boat off these edges helps avoid spooking pressured fish. Kyle details how he uses Garmin Panoptix to accomplish this, which in addition to clearly showing edges, also reveals where fish are and aren’t in real-time. This imagery allows the angler to make short and precise casts to high-percentage spots.

Lastly, Peterson details his full tackle setup ranging from rod, reel and line to why he prefers an ElaZtech trailer over traditional plastic baits in this situation.