Spring Bass Fishing With Weedless Swimbaits

Shallow mud-bottomed pockets are magnets for active prespawn bass thanks to rapidly warming water temperatures. Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine shares his process for finding the warmest water in the spring and explains how he fishes weedless-rigged swimbaits to eliminate unproductive water and trigger quality bites.


Weedless-rigged paddle tail swimbaits are an excellent lure choice when bass are scattered across large grass flats. Unlike exposed hook baits, weedless swimbaits comb through cover without fouling while representing a variety of baitfish. DeChaine discusses his bait and hook choice as well as rod, reel and line considerations for effectively fishing swimbaits. Check out Chris Zaldain’s MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE rigging video for an in-depth look at getting the most out of this productive lure.


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