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Shallow Crankbait Fishing in the Spring: My Brain Dump

I get asked about shallow crankbait fishing for bass when the water is cold maybe more than most things in bass fishing. Because it’s one of my favorite ways to catch bass, I just assume everyone thinks like I do when it comes to picking the best locations, good crankbaits and varying retrieves in bass fishing to get bass to bite in cold water.

When I started in the IT field and was getting certified in different technologies, I would go online and read these posts called “brain dumps.” It was basically people coming back and jotting down everything that was on their mind right after they took a test on the subject matter to help other people have a better handle on what to expect and what to study before going to the testing center.

I thought I would attempt to give a “brain dump” of sorts on video on the various things I think about when prespawn cranking. As we illustrated in this longer crankbait fishing video, you can really catch the bass well even when the water is pretty cold, if you understand where to look and why the bass are up there. And then experiment with your crankbait colors for bass and retrieves until you figure out what is catching them the best. I share a pretty cool catch after popping my bait off a snag plus a few cool catches where I show some of my retrieve tricks to get them to bite in cold water. 

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