Crankbait Fishing Lake Guntersville for Springtime Bass

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Gerald Swindle favors using subtle balsa crankbaits when the water is cold; he believes their tight wiggle better matches the subtle movements of shad in these systems during the winter and spring months. The Rapala DT6 in Demon color is deadly on the Tennessee River’s Lake Guntersville during the prespawn period, so Swindle commits full days to fishing just this lure based on its proven effectiveness.


He targets grassline edges on points adjacent to deeper water during this time. They’re intersections that gather schools of bass in transition between winter haunts and spawning flats, and a crankbait is the best way to contact these fish and trigger bites. Rather than change lures to adjust for changes in depth, Swindle keeps the DT 6 in play while adjusting line size to get the bait deeper or shallower for the situation. He also digs into the details on how he fishes the bait around eelgrass to prevent fouling.