Zoom Brush Craw Review

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Anytime Zoom comes out with something new, I get pretty pumped up. Ever since I can remember, I’ve used this brand and I can’t even begin to guess the numbers of bass these baits have caught for me over the years. It’s a pillar brand in the fishing industry for a dang good reason. 

I was able to get my hands on some of the brand-new Zoom Brush Craws lately and it has quickly become one of my favorite baits. It’s not going to be one of those baits I keep a few bags of for certain situations—it’s going to be a bait I keep rigged on my front deck at all times. I was telling my buddy earlier today, I can’t see a fishing trip where I’m not going to flip or pitch this bait at some sort of good-looking cover. 

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A subtle profile with just enough bulk

You’ll notice that the profile of the Zoom Brush Craw doesn’t have a bunch of wild-looking appendages to it. It’s a simple bait that wonderfully imitates a crawfish just as the name implies. It doesn’t look like a inflatable wavy-armed tube guy in front of a car dealership when you put it in the water. Instead, I’ve actually been describing it as a fun-sized candy bar. I love a dang Snickers candy bar but there are a bunch of times when I don’t want a full-size bar; one of those small ones will do just fine to cure my sweet tooth. 

I really feel like the Brush Craw is the same thing for a bass. The body is large and thick enough to hold a hook well and stand up to multiple bites while the claws are a fairly subtle addition to the overall profile. I’ve had a good time fishing this bait lately and it seems to really excel in post-frontal situations when the barometric pressure is high. So if you like to flip and pitch but are having a tough time getting bites some days, this is one of those bait packs you might want to keep in your back pocket. 

Two great sizes

You’re able to get the Zoom Brush Craw in a 4- and 5 1/2-inch size which will cover your bases for whatever you like to do. Whether you want to put it on a light Texas rig, a heavy Carolina rig or bite it in half and use it as a jig trailer, these two sizes are perfectly suited for it. 

I’ve actually fished the 4-inch version more than the larger one. It’s probably due to the time of year since I’m still fishing relatively cold water, so the bass aren’t as willing to chase down a big meal right now. One thing I’ve really liked about the overall profile of this smaller version is that it will comfortably fit a 5/0 offset EWG hook without any problems whatsoever. 

I like this ability to fit a larger hook because as I mentioned earlier, this has emerged as a major cold-front bait for me. As you know, cold fronts mean short-striking bass, torn up baits and not many catches to brag about. The ability to fit a larger hook helps a lot with this issue. Even if a bass tries to “nip” at the bait, there’s a strong chance it’s going to meet the business-end of a big 5/0 hook. I’ll also add that this larger hook choice in the 4-inch side doesn’t seem to hinder the action or your number of bites whatsoever. If you’re more interested in using the 5 1/2-inch size, I suggest using a 6/0 offset EWG hook and you’ll have great results. 

Penetrates cover easily

I’ve really liked how well the Brush Craw slides through cover. I fish a bunch of bank grass and submerged vegetation, so it’s important that I use a bait that can slide through the muck and the mess without having to shake my rod tip to death and scare every fish within 10 feet. Throughout my testing, I’ve found that the slender profile of this bait allows me to keep using a smaller, more subtle weight while still being able to “plunk” through soft cover. I get a lot more bites around here using lighter weights (we get a bunch of fishing pressure) so I always try to use the lightest weight I possibly can. The slender profile of this bait lets me do that with very minimal hassle. 

Versatility for days

I’d be pretty shocked if this doesn’t become a major seller for Zoom. I normally don’t say stuff like that but my gosh, you can do just about anything with this bait. I’ve already mentioned a few applications but don’t forget a shaky head, either. In those summer months when fishing gets super tough, I’d bet my boat you can thread this dude on a 3/16-ounce shaky head and fish brush piles in about 15 or 20 feet of water and get a pile of bites. 

The bottom line

If you buy and fish with one pack of Brush Craws, I’m fairly certain you’re going to buy several more the day after your first fishing trip. I’ve always wanted a bait option like this for certain situations and I’m really glad Zoom came out with one. Whether it’s cold, hot or somewhere in between and the fish are just being irritating, I strongly suggest having a few packs of these. Whether you’re walking a pond bank or fishing a local tournament, you’re going to become a fan of this bait. 

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