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Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

Z-Man has been coming out with some outstanding products over the past couple of years. Incorporating their ElaZtech Technology into a wide variety of proven baits, the same can be said about their new SMH WormZ. The Z-Man SMH WormZ 6 1/2 inches floating worm that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Designed to be thrown on a shaky head, I also had a ton of success throwing it on a drop shot in heavily pressured fisheries.

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Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

Like all Z-Man products, the SMH WormZ is incredibly soft to the touch which I believe is very important when it comes to a soft plastic bait’s realism. In today’s market, soft baits are a double-edged sword. Though super soft, you’re lucky to catch 1 to 2 fish per bait. This is not the case with the Z-Man SMH WormZ.

Z-Man’s ElaZtech technology is some of the most durable in the fishing industry today. You can stretch this worm out about 3 to 4 feet without it breaking in two. The fully round body provides great, undulating action when shook, and the bulbous tail gives the bait a subtle, secondary flicker that is great for enticing leery, on-looking bass.

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SMH WormZ fish well on multiple fishing rigs

Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

Though designed to be rigged with Z-Man’s SMH JigheadZ, there is hardly a fishing rig or application where this worm does not work. Most of my success came when rigging it on a drop shot. Rigged on a No. 1 straight-shank drop-shot hook, this bait suspends perfectly horizontal on a slack line. Due to the buoyancy of Z-Man’s ElaZtech, this bait also excels on a Neko Rig, Texas Rig and on the back of a Carolina Rig.  

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My Experiences Fishing the SMH WormZ

Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

After just a few days of fishing the Z-Man SMH WormZ, I was shaking my head, pun intended… not in disgust or disappointment, but in disbelief of how effective this bait was.

The lakes here in Virginia are getting more and more pressured, and I have found myself having to finesse fish more than in years past. If there is ever a technique where I need a worm presented in a tantalizing manner, I’ll be reaching for the Z-Man SMH WormZ a lot now. 

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Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Specifications

Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head WormZ Review

  • Length: 6 1/2 inches
  • Colors: 10 options
  • Price: $5.99
  • Quantity: 7 per pack

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