Should You Really Peg Your Texas Rig?

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We’re frequently asked about our thoughts regarding pegging Texas rigs. There are several different theories out there and we ran across some compelling evidence from our friend Dr. Jimmy Liao at Fish Code Studios. While most of us have heard that an unpegged weight results in a higher hookup ratio, we haven’t seen much underwater evidence to support it. Until now, that is. 

In this video, Dr. Liao explains that a bass expects its prey to be neutrally buoyant, so it strikes accordingly. If you peg the weight of your Texas rig, there’s a higher probability of that bass holding your bait for a shorter period of time which, of course, results in missed opportunities for the angler. 

The underwater footage in this video is very interesting and really proves his point. Of course, you might lose some stealth in heavy cover with an unpegged weight as it won’t penetrate as efficiently, but you just might catch more of the bass that bite.