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Ed Chambers on the WEC crankbait…

We had a chance to talk to Ed Chambers, owner of Zoom, about his WEC crankbait that Kevin Short won the Elite Series event at Pickwick on yesterday. We asked him about tournament winning bait.

1. How good do you feel about this win on your WEC?

“Its funny. We at Zoom have had a lot of tournament wins and sometimes they are mentioned and sometimes they weren’t but this little crankbait is special. I personally paint and sign all the baits. I put the type of bait and the year on each bait. We always tell people we have an “old wine-o” do it….laughing.

We build these baits right here. We get the materials and do everything from carving to building the bills. We pride ourselves on doing it our way. Being strategic with these baits is the difference. Our pull points, paint jobs and action are all Zoom. We are proud of that. We want everyone of our pro-staffers to do well and we are thrilled that Kevin (Short) won this deal. He is an exceptional crankbait fisherman and knows how to trigger bites. He was using the E-1 in chartruese black and chartruese classic.”

Chambers has been designing and building baits for 40 years.