X Zone Signs Parker

X Zone Lures is proud to announce their newly formed relationship with legendary angler, Hank Parker. After conversations including product, business ethics and faith, Hank Parker and Jim Van Ryn, the owner of X Zone Lures, felt there was a path to be followed and the partnership was formed.

Van Ryn says “Hank Parker joining X Zone Lures is a thrill for our company and all those that are associated with it. Having a man that has so much integrity, both personally and professionally, choosing to work with our brand of soft plastic baits, is a blessing that we did not see coming. We have enjoyed great success in the growth of our brand over the last eight years since we bought the company and working with great people, like Hank, has been a major contributor to that success.”

Parker says “I am extremely excited to work with X Zone Lures. They make awesome baits, and they are a company with Christian values. It can’t get any better than this!

X Zone Lures can be found in the boats of many pros, including top Bassmaster Elite Series anglers, Brandon Palaniuk, Carl Jocumsen and Cooper Gallant. All these great anglers are influential in the bait designs which make up the X Zone Lures lineup.

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