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VRX Fishing adds several new innovative products

VRX Fishing has increased their product line with 5 new product lines  for 2011/2012. You know about the Rod Glove and all of the benefits it provides  but now they have 5 other families including Bait Glove, Reel Glove, Rod Glove WrapZ, Rod Glove Saver and E-Cable Glove. Each are designed to protect valuable equipment and make it more manageable.
The new Bait Glove is a lure wrap that comes in three sizes, 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch. It covers your baits for storage or travel and also has a side benefit of keeping your buddies from knowing what you are throwing. Its great for bass anglers but also works effectively on musky lures too.
The Reel Glove is a high-quality baitcasting reel cover that comes in two sizes.
The Rod Glove WrapZ are  neoprene straps that allows the angler to bundle his/her rods for transport.
The Rod Glove Saver is a quick release clip that secures your Rod Gloves. They can be placed on the rod when you need them and removed easily when you don’t.
E-Cable Glove is a a kit of flexible sleeving that is perfect for covering your electronics cables.
All of these products have just been introduced and can be purchased at VRX Fishing’s Website  or
To buy the Rod Glove click here.