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VIRTUS/Jewel Bait Company Releases New Rods

The VIRTUS/Jewel Rods partnership has announced the release of three new rods to the Red Diamond series. These new rods include: 1) The Ploppin’ and Choppin’; 2) The Buzzbait/Buzz Frog; and 3) The Spoon Jacker. These rods have been designed and built with input from VIRTUS/Jewel pro James Watson. Each of these rods is unique in how it helps anglers be successful.

“There are a couple of key things that make each of these rods such a valuable tool to have, but the biggest is the length. The length of each of these rods does a couple of things. The first is it allows you to cast a bait a mile. In clear water, the longer the cast the better the chance to get a bite. The second is it allows anyone to manipulate the bait around rocks or trees. Specific to the Ploppin’ and Choppin’ and the Buzzbait/Buzzfrog, the tip is built to handle braid line, which is so critical with topwater baits,” said Watson.

The Spoon Jacker rod is constructed to handle big spoons used to fish in deeper water applications. To handle the weight of the spoon and too impart the action needed to get fish to react, this rod has a couple of specific features. The first is the rod length, and second is the backbone to get fish out of deep docks. “This rod is like a flipping stick, but you are using a World Wide Spoon with a treble hook. I’m really excited about this rod. VIRTUS/Jewel was so great to work with to create this rod,” Watson added.

Each of these new rods from VIRTUS/Jewel Rods will be in the Red Diamond series. These rods will be available at local tackle stores across the county, as well as online retailers and at Virtus/Jewel currently has 27 rods total rods in Red and Blue Diamond Series. All VIRTUS/Jewel rods will be available at