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Vicious Fishing Braided Line

Cost effective braid fishes frogs and flips bass from thick cover

For the last several weeks we have been putting the new Vicious Braided 65-pound moss green line to the test while bass fishing in Illinois. We have been fishing a frog but have used it fishing thick cover for bass with a flipping stick, and it has stood up to both tests very well.

 Finding a solid braided line that stands up to today’s standards is very simple with so many good braided lines available, but finding one that handles a frog well for long casts, is abrasion resistant and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is a bit tougher. Vicious has succeeded with their new fishing braid. The new fishing line is tough as nails, has shown no wear in three months and falls in a price range that is very attractive at $32.99-34.99 for 300 yards – at the low end of the price range for good braid.

We have had zero breaks, its casts well and because it is woven from the highest quality Spectra fiber, you know it’s durable. Vicious Braid has virtually no stretch, which means the angler increases his catch ratio with lightning speed hooksets and with a high percentage of hook-ups, even on a frog. Highly abrasion resistant and resistant to UV rays and water as well, Vicious Braid packs a lot of good qualities into one product.

We noticed that the line does lose its color quickly but we use a permanent marker on all of our braid applications so that is not a big deal for us. We usually mark 4 feet of the braid on both frogging and flipping techniques. We do that on new braid, as well as, braid we have used for a while. It’s a confidence thing with us and seems to mean more bites with both techniques

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