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Triton, Mercury Announce ABA Bass Fishing Incentiv

Triton is excited to announce an all new program for 2012. The Triton

and Mercury ® ABA Alliance! Triton and Mercury ® have partnered with the

American Bass Anglers ® to offer this exclusive program. These three

powerhouses in the fishing industry are ready to get you out on the

water. This offer is available on all new (previously unregistered)

Triton/Mercury packages.

Owners will receive one year of entry fees paid to the American Bass

Angler’s trail of their choice!* Plus, a one year free membership in the

ABA. This program is valued at over $1000, and Triton Gold members are

still eligible to win contingency money.* See your Triton dealer for

full details on this great program or

Entry Fees Paid to:

5 – Weekend Series Tournaments,

5 – American Fishing Tour Events,

5 – American Couples Tour Tournaments

Annual Military Team Bass tournament

*ABA Alliance cannot be combined with any other program. Sign up for

tournaments at time of purchase. Tournament trails cannot be mixed.

Entry fees will be paid for only one trail. Maximum number of

tournaments paid is five. See Triton Gold rules for eligibility. Must

register annually for Triton Gold. Full ABA Alliance program details can

found on