Strike King Burner Spinnerbait

Fall is a great time to catch shallow bass. The water is cooling, shad are moving into the creeks and pockets and the bass are right behind them. The days are shorter and cold fronts are the  norm  but savvy bass anglers know that this is prime big bass time as well.
Most lakes have very few boats on them as many outdoorspeople have dedicated these days to deer hunting but the Wired2Fish bass junkies know this is the right time to load the boat.
The shad in most midwestern lakes have reached adult size, are podded up and have moved shallow looking for  plankton. The bass are feeding heavy getting ready for the cold months ahead and can be caught easily this time of year.
We recently had an opportunity to test the new Strike King Burner Spinnerbait (Burn38-590GS) and our test results were superb.
Lets set the stage. Water temps were in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. Strong southerly winds and temps were in the mid to upper 70’s. We had sparce cloud cover  and the water was stained to clear.
Our Tests
We fished several types of cover including coontail grass, blowdowns and open water points. Most fish were very shallow and positioned on the cover. Repeated casts to each object was critical. We sometimes caught bass on the 4th or 5th throw to the object.
The Strike King Burner is a very unique spinnerbait. It has a oversized  minnow shape head and heavy shank hook  that allowed the bait to be thrown easily into the teeth of the wind.  Because of the thin-cut narrow willow blades(RAZ-R Blades) it did not roll over or catch the wind during the cast. The Strike King Perfect Skirt gave this bait a large profile even with the small blades and we felt that these two variables added to the lifelike action.  The light wire allowed a good vibration but the flash was the deal. You can flat out “burn” this bait without roll-over and these blades spin faster than other like baits even when slowly retrieved or dropped. The bait will not rise to the surface and can be fished at depth for the duration of the retrieve. Many strikes occured when the spinnerbait was burnt to the cover and dropped.
The Inside Scoop
We caught numerous bass in the 3-4 pound class and had zero misses.
The Strike King Burner is available now and retails for $5.99.
The Burner chosen was a 3/8 ounce model and the skirt color was you guessed it “Sexy Shad”.
It comes in 8 great colors.
You can purchase these at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.
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